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Riots in the Netherlands cause police horse to flee

by Anita van Adelsbergen

The Dutch city of Eindhoven was the scene of riots against the police, their horses and dogs. Protesters decided to rebel against the curfew (introduced as a measure to slow down the Corona virus) and not only did their best to attack police officers, they also made a point to attack the present working animals. Two horses fell with their riders on top and one grey horse managed to escape, cantering away on his own through the city centre. Fortunately there were no major injuries on all parts but the question does come up whether or not the use of horses and dogs in police matters is in fact ethical. The Dutch Party for the animals has now pleaded to stop using police horses in riot situations alltogether.



Equestrian organisations’ plea to Dutch Government

by Anita van Adelsbergen

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced yesterday that a curfew is to be introduced starting this weekend. This would mean that no-one will be allowed out on the streets between 20.30 and 04.30. The measure has not been finalised yet as the Dutch Parliament still has to agree with this.

During the press conference on the 20th January an exception had already been announced for dog owners and essential workers but now several equestrian federations in the Netherlands (including the Dutch Equestrian Federation) are pleading for an exemption of this rule for horse owners too. Horses need to be cared for and most horses will not be stabled at the owner’s home in most cases. So an urgent call to allow horse owners to travel to their yards has been sent out. 



Dutch Masters set to go ahead in March 2021

by Anita van Adelsbergen

The way things stand at the moment, is that the Dutch Masters will be taking place from 12-14th March 2021 in the Dutch city of Den Bosch.

Anky van Grunsven, chairperson of the organising committee, has expressed that the continuation of the event is of great importance to the equestrian world. ‘It is essential for the horses, riders and all other stakeholders connected to the equestrian industry’, said the Dutch dressage rider.

The decision to move forward with the event came after the Dutch government decided to start up professional sports competitions again after it had come to a complete halt due to the Covid 19 outbreak. The Dutch Olympic Committee also welcomed the decision to organise this Corona proof event and stated that in preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, shows like this one will be essential over the coming months.

No audience

Considering the current circumstances no audience will be allowed during the competition. The show’s programme has been adapted to this new situation and will be offered in reduced format. The organising committee has expressed that the wellbeing and safety of staff and competitors is of the utmost priority. Spectators will be able to follow the show from the comfort of their own homes as television coverage will be provided.

The Dutch Masters is one of the most prestigious shows in the Netherlands and is part of the Rolex Showjumping Grand Slam, which also includes the CHIO Aachen (Germany), CSIO Spruce Meadows (Canada) and CHI Geneva (Switzerland). ‘When the event got cancelled in 2020, this had a massive impact on our organisation’, said Marcel Hunze, Dutch Masters’ show director.

Positive spirits throughout from the organising committee. Whether the show will be going ahead, may still be up in the air. When asked if equestrian media professionals would be allowed to attend the show, the answer was ‘we’ll let you know as soon as we know’. Looks like it’s another waiting game for now.